What Are Wind Chimes Used For: A Multipurpose Instrument

What Are Wind Chimes Used For
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You have most likely seen a wind chime many times in your life, or you perhaps currently own this fun device. Whatever the case may be, you have probably wondered what purpose does it have, and why was it invented in the first place.

You'd be surprised at how far back in time people first started making these instruments, and what are wind chimes used for in some distant parts of the globe.

In this article, we will talk about the multiple uses that wind chimes have had throughout history, starting from the very beginning up to the modern times.

What Are Wind Chimes Used For?

Since the dawn of mankind, people have created instruments and contraptions with comparable effects to wind chimes. The earliest example found by archeologists was somewhere in Southeast Asia. Other similarly dated devices have also been found in Egypt and on the territories where the Persian Empire was based.

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Scientists think that the invention of wind chimes was firmly related to the eastern art of Feng Shui, which involves the optimal positioning of objects within the home to achieve a higher spiritual accord.

The Chinese believed that using wind chimes and listening to the sounds they make helps enhance the peace that one feels and brings him closer to the unity with nature and the world.

Protection Against Supernatural

Throughout history, wind chimes were used to put fear into evil supernatural beings that people believed wanted to hurt them. Not only were they thought to have capabilities of scaring the restless souls, but they also served as warning signs to humans if something evil has decided to start lurking around the household.

Today, you can notice people hanging wind chimes on windows or doorways. This is also a part of an ancient tradition related to superstitions.

People in the past, even the past as recent as the middle ages, have believed that putting wind chimes in places such as doors and panes was an effective way of getting bad luck to leave using pleasant sounds. This practice has continued even now, although most people don't really know why they're doing it.

Additionally, farmers in some places believe that birds such as crows eating their crops are a force sent by an evil ghost to punish them. They take care of this problem by putting wind chimes on the scarecrows, thus keeping their wheat pest-free.

Birds are most likely only scared of the sound that the chimes make, but it's never a bad thing to get a bit of additional protection from the unknown.

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Weather Signals

Before new-era technologies for guessing what the weather is going to be like were invented, people used wind chimes for weather prediction.

Today, at some underdeveloped areas of the world where modern weather prediction tools are not used, people still utilize wind chimes for detecting changes in wind and anticipate weather conditions such as rain or storms.

Additionally, sailors and ship personnel sometimes use wind chimes to detect changes in the wind before they actually happen. This technique has proven to be very efficient at the sea where other methods aren't available.

Religious Sounds

Many religions are prevalent in Asia where wind chimes were always at their most popular state. The most famous one is Buddhism, which included these into their faith at some time or perhaps even invented them.

You can find wind chimes around temples all over Asia, making pleasant sounds and providing the feel of harmony and spiritual peace. Monks believe that wind chimes keep the evil spirits away from sacred places and also attract peaceful ones to bring good luck and tranquility to those who are practicing Buddhism inside the temples.

Modern Usage

In this day and age, wind chimes aren't used so commonly for protecting against the supernatural or for forecasting weather. Their purpose is much more decorative and pseudo-religious.

What does this mean? This means that people who aren't really into faith still appreciate the values that Buddhism has given to wind chimes, and they enjoy hanging them around the house for comfort and feeling of peace.

Furthermore, many people are practitioners of the art of Feng Shui, so they enjoy using wind chimes as a home accessory that will help them feel more in touch with the universe.

Final Words

Now you know a substantial deal of information about wind chimes and their many purposes throughout history. This might lead you to decide to purchase this instrument with alleged mystic properties, or even start learning about Eastern Philosophy and Feng Shui.

If not, you can always entertain your friends with a few fun facts if they are wondering what are wind chimes used for. Most importantly, you will be able to defend yourself against the evil spirits that might be lurking around your house. After all, you never really know!

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