Punada Long Wind Chimes Review

Punada Long Wind Chimes Review
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Punada Long Wind Chimes: QUICK OVERVIEW

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What We Like

  • Stylish and universal design
  • Suited for indoor and outdoor use
  • Produces amazing sound
  • Toolless, easy, and quick installation

What We Don't Like

  • Tangles

When decorating your workplace or your home, you might have gotten the idea of doing so by using wind chimes. These instruments will produce pleasant, tranquil sounds and will make any room feel much more comfortable to reside in.

They are revered in many cultures and religions, and some people even believe they have supernatural properties. Whatever your reason for wanting to purchase wind chimes, we would be happy to recommend Punada Long Wind Chimes as the perfect option for any environment.

Read on to find out about its many features and why we highly recommend it to everyone.

Punada Long Wind Chimes Review

Punada is a company dedicated to selling various accessories, home decorations, and other useful trinkets that will enhance the everyday life of just about any person. Making wind chimes isn’t their specialty, but they have been doing so for quite a while now, and many are extremely pleased with the products they have delivered.

The Long Wind Chimes we will be talking about in this article offer a mid-frequency sound that is neither too high or too low. What’s more is that the music they make will remind you of the ones you can hear in Buddhist temples.

Who Is This Product For?

The Punada Long Wind Chimes would be perfect for just about anyone. We are big fans of wind chimes, and the sounds they make won’t feel annoying even to the most irritable of people. This is mainly thanks to their natural calming properties.

This particular model is not very loud, and it would be perfect for home environments or offices if you have the freedom to decorate your working space however you wish to.

What’s Included?

When purchasing this product, there will be no additional goods or replacement pipes included. However, you can enjoy the highly-regarded customer warranty, which lasts a lifetime. Of course, you will get all the multi-practical hooks, which you can use to hang and position the wind chimes in whatever way you like, for maximum enjoyment.

As long as you haven’t intentionally damaged the instrument, you can contact the retailer customer support using the email that’s indicated on the Amazon page, and they guarantee either a refund or a replacement product shipped to you, free of charge.

Overview of the Features

These wind chimes use pipes, as opposed to some models that have rods. The difference is that the pipe models have a more pleasant and deeper sound to them.

There is a total of 18 pipes made out of an aluminum alloy, and they all sport a different length. This is important, since pipes with different lengths have a different sound to them, and this product does this just right to achieve music that is very harmonic.

The base is made out of sturdy redwood, and the hanging lines are manufactured by using industrial-grade nylon, which is guaranteed not to break. The shiny gold details on these wind chimes and the stylish design make it an ideal decorative piece, not just because of the pleasant music it makes but also because of its looks.

How to Use this Wind Chime

It’s not hard to assemble these wind chimes. When unboxing the product, you will receive the actual instrument ready for use. Along with that is a pair of hooks that you will first need to attach to the upper portion of the base and then hang at a suitable place.

If you are already familiar with tuning the wind chimes, you can shorten some of the pipes, or even get replacement pipes to modify the sound, although we don’t recommend that to people who aren’t experts in the niche.


If you’re looking for a model with a more refined sound, we can recommend the incredible ASTARIN Large Wind Chimes. They are a bit more expensive than the product we’re reviewing, but they make up for it with exceptional design and quality.

They fall under the category of deep-tone wind chimes, which means that the sound they create is a lot more peaceful and offers lower frequencies. This makes them perfect for inducing the tranquil state of mind needed for meditation.

There are only six tubes on this instrument, but they are a lot larger and offer a rich sound that will deliver everything you’re hoping it does.


Whether you’re already a fan of wind chimes, or you are just looking to purchase your first model, we hope that this review has helped you gain a clearer picture of what the Punada Long Wind Chimes have to offer.

If you are looking for an option that sports more peaceful sounds, and don’t mind the price, then you should look at the ASTARIN wind chimes we talked about earlier. Both models look very beautiful, and you won’t go wrong whichever option you choose if you’re a fan of pleasant sounds and stylish decor.

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