Best Wind Chimes of 2019: Complete Reviews with Comparisons

Best Wind Chimes of 2018
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Wind chimes were first created in ancient civilizations, such as Europe and other Eastern countries, and since then, wind chimes have become more popular all over the world.

They are now available in every shape and size you could imagine and are crafted using different types of materials.

That variation of wind chimes allows you to personalize and pick ones based on your style and aesthetic.

The downside though is that you might be overwhelmed with the number of brands and models available, and you may end up buying one that does not meet your needs and wants. 

Thus, to help you narrow down your choices and save time, we will introduce to you the best wind chimes of 2018.

Comparison Chart

Woodstock Large Amazing Grace Chime

PATHONOR Color-Changing LED Solar Mobile Wind Chime

WOODMUSIC Bamboo Wind Chimes Outdoor

Memories Sonnet Windchime

Bellaa 22890 Capiz Wind Chime

Wind Chime Reviews

1. WoodStock Chimes Amazing Grace Chime

The WoodStock Chimes Company was established in 1979 by Garry and Diane. Their goal was to create beautiful wind chimes that would be complementary to any home, and since then, the business has changed and was able to produce some of the best wind chimes on the market.

Each chime incorporated in the WoodStock Chimes Amazing Grace Chime is crafted from wood and features a durable structure as well as aluminum tubes. This allows the chimes to stand up against the outside environment without jeopardizing the sound they produce as well as their shape.

Product Highlights

The WoodStock Chimes Amazing Grace Chime comes with the following features:

  • Tune and sound: To honor a Grammy that was won thirty years ago by the award-winning musician Garry Kvistad, this wind chime plays the Amazing Grace hymn. What is great is that each chime has been professionally tuned so that it can perfectly mimic the song.
  • Variable sizes: This version of the wind chime is a medium-sized and comes with a full length of 24 inches. That said, there are multiple versions which are small and large. So, if you find that the medium is too small, then you can upgrade to a larger size, and if it is too big for your space, then opt for the smaller version.
  • Materials: The WoodStock Chimes Amazing Grace Chime has been crafted using cherry ash wood and its six silver tubes are crafted using aluminum materials, ensuring that the product is built to last. The aluminum tubing allows the chimes to withstand outdoor environments and the cherry ash wood gives it a lovely wooden accent.

What's to like about the WoodStock Chimes Amazing Grace Chime

On days when the wind starts to pick up a heavier breeze, the chimes will begin to play the full hymn of Amazing Grace, which is excellent since it’s relaxing and shows a bit of spirit for anyone who’s located in the United States of America. We also love the fact that there is a removable wind catcher that will allow you to customize it based on your preference.

What's not to like about the WoodStock Chimes Amazing Grace Chime

One thing we didn’t really like about this product is that the chimes are relatively small when compared to others on the market. This produces less of a sound and can sometimes affect the hymn. That said, a heavy breeze is needed to play the full hymn, or else, you’ll hear a few notes here and there.


  • check
    Plays a familiar song
  • check
    Available in multiple sizes
  • check
    Stylish design
  • check
    Durable and customizable


  • Small chimes
  • Requires strong winds

2. Pathonor Solar Wind Chime

Imagine during the night sky a beautifully lit porch which has a colorful LED-lit wind chime that illuminates the surrounding area. The Pathonor Solar Wind Chime has been enhanced from your standard chimes as it is also designed for day use. Built with solar-powered batteries, this product will collect rays of sunlight during the day in order to stay lit during the night.

Product Highlights

Here is an overview of the Pathonor Solar Wind Chime:

  • Light sensor: The wind chime has LED bulbs that have been integrated with a sensor. Once the sun goes down, the color-changing LED lights turn on and start to emit different colors slowly.
  • Rechargeable: You can choose to leave the chime up or use a USB plug to charge it during the day. If you wish to charge it using sunlight, the battery will last for over 100,000 hours. On sunny days, simply turn the chime on and allow it to sit in direct sunlight. The only downside is that if you have a lack of sunlight in your area, it may be difficult to charge it outside.
  • LED Lights: All of the LED lights last up to eight hours maximum when they’ve been fully charged. Crafted from suitable and durable plastic, this allows them to last through the outdoor environment without color fading, shape changes, or damage.
  • Usage: Made with a waterproof coating, the unit can be used either outdoors or indoors. With the easy-to-use hook, you can take it down and move it from room to room. This gives you the option to put it into direct sunlight no matter what season it is.

What's to like about the Pathonor Solar Wind Chime

This wind chime is amazing to look at no matter what time of the day it is. In the daytime, you’ll be provided with colorful hummingbirds that work similarly to a regular wind chime, while in the night time, the LED lights turn on and create a warm and pleasant atmosphere.

What's not to like about the Pathonor Solar Wind Chime

The fact that the chime does need consistent sunlight to charge is a downside. On weeks that are rainy or cloudy, the battery won’t be able to charge, meaning you’ll have to take it inside and charge it via a USB cable.


  • check
    Lights up automatically when the sun is out
  • check
    Two ways of charging
  • check
    Long-lasting LED lights
  • check
    Indoor and outdoor use


  • Doesn’t stay lit all night

3. WOODMUSIC Wood Wind Chimes

A step towards the more traditional side of wind chimes, the WOODMUSIC have crafted unique and professionally hallowed chimes that are similar to what you see in movies. Featuring hollow, polished metal and wooden accents, this wind chime is suitable for outdoor use. Along with the traditional exterior, it features professional tuning which gives you that classic wind chime sound.

Product Highlights

When you purchase the WOODMUSIC Wood Wind Chimes, you would expect the following features:

  • Tune: Using five pieces of tuned aluminum tubing, this wind chime has been professionally designed to emit soft yet soothing chime tones. With the expert tuning, the pipes each produce a deep and resonating sound for every wind blow, making this an excellent product for those who enjoy the soft tones on breezy days.
  • Structure: It’s essential to have a lasting wind chime as it’s going to be sitting outside. All of the wind chimes developed by this company are engineered to last no matter if there’s snow, rain, or wind. This wind chime, in particular, is crafted from a hardened iron and a beech wood, and the wooden parts are coated with a water-resistant layer to help prevent them from wearing down.
  • A perfect gift: If your friends or family enjoy the traditional style of wind chimes, you’ll find that this product is a perfect gift during the holidays.
  • Installation: An S-shaped swivel hook is attached on the top of the product, which allows you to hang the chimes up on any rod or roof. This makes it convenient for installation and won’t take up much of your time trying to purchase and fit in a ring or another hook.

What's to like about the WOODMUSIC Wood Wind Chimes

Paired with the beautiful deep resonating sounds, the aesthetic of this wind chime is truly magnificent. This model truly embodies the charm and aesthetic of traditionally styled chimes, even down to the wooden accents.

What's not to like about the WOODMUSIC Wood Wind Chimes

The only downside this chime has is that it is relatively small when compared to others on the market. However, they have been professionally tuned and crafted; thus, giving you high-quality sounds.


  • check
    Professionally tuned
  • check
    Durable structure
  • check
    Fits a lot of home designs
  • check
    Easy, fast, and tool-less installation


  • Smaller than expected

4. Memories Sonnet Windchime

The Memories Sonnet Windchime is designed to be used as a gift for someone who’s lost a loved one. If you’re looking for a meaningful gift that not only shows you care but also reflects poems, songs, and other messages which are printed onto the tubes, then this is an ideal purchase.

Product Highlights

The Memories Sonnet Windchime has the following features:

  • Aluminum tubes: The aluminum material is an excellent way to craft long-lasting chimes. The manufacturer used explicitly anodized aluminum which is known to hold up better to the outside forces such as wind, water, and dirt.
  • Adjustable striker: As for the striker, you can change it anywhere you like. By adjusting the striker, the chimes will produce a better sound depending on the breeze.
  • Heavy gauge center: With a heavy center of pinned tubes, the Memories Sonnet Windchime stays weighed down enough so that you won’t always hear a chime at the slightest of breeze.
  • Meaningful message design: Along each tube is an inscription of meaningful poems, songs, and messages that can help relax someone after they’ve lost a loved one. The etchings run deep, which ensure that they will show up even if the chimes have worn down.

What's to like about the Memories Sonnet Windchime

This is a very thoughtful gift to give someone, and it’s one of the only gifts that you can give that will last a long time, making it its standout selling point. We also love that it features a sturdy build and produces a beautiful mellow chime each time the wind blows.

What's not to like about the Memories Sonnet Windchime

The weight of the chimes is designed to keep them weighed down unless the wind is strong enough to move them. However, this leads to a heavier construction and bigger chimes. Some buyers don’t enjoy how heavy and big the tubing is.


  • check
    Durable and well-built tubes
  • check
    Customizable sound
  • check
    Weighed down efficiently
  • check
    Encrypted with thoughtful messages


  • Very big structure
  • Heavy
  • List Element

5. Bellaa Capiz Wind Chime

The Bellaa brand has designed all their wind chimes to bring a festive vibe to your home. Each chime is decorated with beautiful and colorful seashells which enhance the aesthetic of your porch. Thus, if you’re looking for a fantastic gift or a wind chime that looks more modern and chic than the rest, then give the Bellaa Capiz Wind Chime a try.

Product Highlights

The Bellaa Capiz Wind Chime is known for the following features:

  • Usage: The soft and vibrant seashells look amazing both indoors and outdoors. If you’d like to liven up a room, place these inside your home, and if you’re looking to give your porch a more lively feel, then consider hanging them outdoors.
  • Sound and tune: The chimes have been professionally tuned to help produce a musical sound that helps make the ambient mood livelier. Unlike others on the market, this product has a higher tune which is much more intense.
  • Construction: The chimes are made from seasoned seashells which are high quality and designed to help provide a longer lasting chime. As for the rest of the wind chime, it is made using high-quality wood and string, which help pull the chime together.

What's to like about the Bellaa Capiz Wind Chime

The colorful design of the Bellaa Capiz Wind Chime is one of the things we love about it since this isn’t something you’d typically see in modern wind chimes. Having a vibrant and loud statement piece always helps to pull together a room and outdoor living space, as well as make them more inviting.

What's not to like about the Bellaa Capiz Wind Chime

Since this chime is very lightweight, even the softest of breeze can cause it to produce noise. If you’re not a fan of constant high pitch chimes, then this may be a bit irritating to you.


  • check
    Vibrant and unique design
  • check
    Indoor and outdoor use
  • check
    Professionally tuned
  • check
    Made of high-quality materials


  • Produces a lot of noise


Although it may seem obvious what type of wind chime you’d like to buy, you still should consider a few different aspects of what makes a good wind chime. Not all products are built the same, and it would be unfortunate to finally unpack your chimes only to find out that they’re not durable or reliable enough to withstand the test of time, especially when the outdoor environment. Hence, here are a few tried and tested tips we can give you:

Material Type

There’s no real guide on what material type you should go for. As we’ve stated, there are various types of wind chimes, each designed using different materials. A general rule is always to get a product with a tubing made from aluminum or steel and to steer away from plastic unless it has an outer protective coating.


Each chime also presents a variety of different tones, as no chime sounds exactly alike. Some individuals find that they enjoy the blissful, low resigning tunes of bigger wind chimes while others love the clatter of lightweight ones.

It’s completely up to personal preference on which one you prefer. However, always ensuring that the chimes have been professionally tuned will help to produce a better and harmonious sound.


The design is extremely personal and changes with each person. As a general rule, pick whatever feels best for your porch or room.

One of the greatest aspects of wind chimes is that you can literally find chimes in all sorts of styles. This allows you great personalization, and some websites even offer custom made ones. The possibilities are endless, which means you should take full advantage of that and find one that suits your preferences and needs.

Size and Length

We encourage you to pick a wind chime that is durable and longer, as this will help prevent it from being swept away by the heavy wind. The length should be 20 inches or longer to help prevent the wind from moving the chimes drastically, and it also helps with consistent noise. Any chime under 20 inches of length risk the chance of producing noise even when there is a slow and light breeze, which can be annoying for some.

Wind Chime Use

Indoor chimes are more fragile, but they come in a wide variety of bold designs. Unlike outdoor chimes, indoor chimes feature a lighter build that isn’t meant to last in the outdoor environment.

However, these often have more style and are made from various materials in order to create a statement piece. You’ll find that you can choose from a wide range of indoor chimes that can complement any room.

Outdoor chimes, on the other hand, are perfect for those who want to hear the beautiful, alluring chimes during windy days. These are made from durable and thicker materials, usually aluminum and wood, and feature more traditional styles. There’s often fewer decorations and variety with these chimes due to them being at risk of falling off when the breeze picks up.


What sound does a wind chime make?

The sound the wind chime makes depends on what type of wind chime you have and what materials it’s made out of. Some would describe the traditional aluminum tubes to make a “tinkling” or “clicking” sound, while wooden chimes tend to make a “clanging” sound.

Honestly, if you close your eyes and imagine sounds close to a triangle instrument or other metal-based instruments, you can imagine what an aluminum wind chime sounds like. On the contrary, the wooden types are similar to the sound a wooden xylophone produces.

What are wind chimes?

A wind chime is a decorative arrangement which is crafted from either glass, wood, or metal. It’s mainly suspended from a rod or frame and is typically hung outdoors. However, wind chimes have grown since their early development.

Indoor chimes do exist, and they don’t serve as an instrumental ornament. The best way to describe what a wind chime is that it is a decoration that is used to produce sound or visual entertainment.

How to hang wind chimes?

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What to look for when buying wind chimes?

When it comes to buying wind chimes, it’s important to look for a few different features. The first should be the size and length of the unit.

Always find one that works where it’s being hung up. If it’s indoors, then you can choose a smaller one, but if it’s outdoors, then it should be longer.

Secondly, check the materials used in its craftsmanship. It is recommended that you always choose those that are made of durable materials such as aluminum, other metals, and wood. Having an exterior waterproof coating also helps regarding longevity.

Lastly, pick one that has been professionally tuned. While the wind chimes may look good while hanging up, ultimately, when the breeze starts to become stronger, you’re going to hear the sound. Having a finely tuned chime will produce in a better, harmonious sound.


As you can see from above, there are many different types of wind chimes on the market, and our list helps sort some of the best out. Each of the wind chimes evaluated above produces a wonderful sound and is visually pleasing, which can help ensure that it will compliment your home.

If we had to choose just one, we’d like to recommend the Memories Sonnet Wind Chime. Overall, it is a very sturdy and durable wind chime that not only produces a beautiful sound but also visually looks stunning. It’s suitable as a gift or for your own use. Either way, we hope this article has helped you find the best wind chimes of 2018 that match your needs and wants.

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